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Grab this track now at An orchestral rendition/medley of several songs from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Even Super Castlevania 4 is quoted once here.

I spent WAAAY too much time on this. This was made a while back for a GameMusic4All compilation CD, and I would have maybe even quoted more tracks had it not been for the due date of song submission. Anyway, I figured I should probably upload it to Youtube.

Castlevania tracks that are quoted here include:

Prayer Dracula's Castle The Cave (from Super Castlevania 4) Prologue The Tragic Prince Moonlight Nocturne

Notations show up when these songs are being played.

I realize now, long after making this, how badly I wanted to include the "chorus" of Lost Painting... it would have been so beautiful... Maybe a new version of this track is in order.

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